Monday, August 22, 2011

He Finally Sealed the Deal!

Well, our best friend Jeff finally got married. He is now the husband of a smart, gorgeous, and funny girl named Karen. I would say he barely snagged her, but I'm a firm believer that if you are a ten, you marry a ten. Cory and I already know that Jeff is a ten, so with our stellar deductive reasoning we gather that Karen is as well. We got to go to their wedding and had a fabulous time.

As it should be, the weekend was all about Jeff and Karen. However, Karen's family tried to include Cory and me, which we really appreciated. This included punking me. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it involved her dad saying, "I know you from somewhere...I'm sure of it," and this post. Which is not to be confused with this post. Which is a common mistake, you know.

Cory gave a great toast, I cried like an idiot, and we were happy and sad to let Jeff go. Happy because it took him approximately forever, we're so happy being married and wanted the same for him, and we doubted he truly liked being the third wheel on our floor playing Spades. Sad because we don't know Karen. But, we are determined to get to know her and convince her to like us. Well, I am. Cory says everyone likes him.

A little blast from the past...
Jeff Klakring wedding: August 6, 2011 (top)
Cory Carroll wedding: June 20, 2009 (bottom)
 I thought the biggest picture in this collage, although blurry, was so cute. I almost feel like a voyeur.

And they're off! So, now some of our favorite people are married and they live in Utah. What's the deal with that! It seems to be a recurring trend. A lame one.

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  1. how funny! i was friends with spencer klackring (jeff's younger brother) when i lived in seattle way back when! they are such a good family.. haven't seen them in forever but i'm sure they're still great.