Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nursery Tour

I had so much fun setting up Sheppard's nursery. We went with a travel adventure theme with green, blue, brown, and yellow. I kind of wanted to do this, but ain't nobody got time for that. Well, or the money to be honest. My mom made me some custom bedding and an adorable hooked rug. There is a mix of old, new, and handmade items filling the space. I loved spending time in Shep's room. I know nurseries are really for mothers, since Sheppard slept in our room for the first four months of his life anyway (plus, he doesn't really care). Still, while it may sound silly, it made me so happy, rocking him at night in our corner, looking at his space. Just like having a French pedicure makes me feel better about myself as a person, his nursery made me a happier person.

I know it's just a room, but I hope Sheppard can feel from this room some of what I wish for him. I want him to feel adventurous; I want him to travel and see the world; I want him to love home. I want him to feel connected to all of the different people and places that came before him and will come after. I want him to love the Earth. I desperately want him to love to read and to know how to play. Life is to be enjoyed and spent in beautiful places with interesting people. I want him to always be a bit of a kid. I want him to serve a mission.

One of my favorite things about Sheppard's room was the chalkboard wall. While we lived in this apartment, I used it for his monthly pictures (see herehere, and here). I copied the idea for that from here.

I took these pictures the day I packed up his room. After some discussion, Cory and I decided to temporarily move in with his parents to beef up our emergency fund. As such, Shep and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out in his room for the last time before I packed it all up.

Glider Changing Table Bookcases end table: HomeGoods crib: Pottery Barn on Craigslist Mobile: handmade idea adapted from here Clock: I glued fabric and buttons onto an IKEA clock I had
Art: Bottom Left Bottom Middle Bottom Right Top frames: IKEA Changing table cover: garage sale Trash can: HomeGoods Rug: homemade by Mimi bins: old ones of my mom's  
Crib bedding: custom by my mom Maps: National Geographic Afghan: Cory's when he was little Ireland canvas: Cory's birthday gift from me in 2009
Jesus Print: signed Simon Dewey from a Utah Costco Art: Etsy Lamp: Target Blanket: Wedding gift from Pottery Barn Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond from our first apartment
Globes: mix of Pier 1 and World Market Noise Maker: Cancun on our honeymoon Giraffe: HomeGoods Piggy Bank: HomeGoods (we're going to be teaching him how to budget you better believe it!)
 Globes: mix from Pier 1 and World Market Tonka Truck: my uncle's when he was little  Kaleidoscope: gift from an art show my grandparent's used to go to Sculpture: a bust of my Papa he made Art: Etsy Teddy Bear: a bear Cory gave his high school girlfriend when he left for his mission Baseball: Cory's Little League days
Letters: Urban Outfitters, Hobby Lobby, and handpainted from JoAnn's Crest: borrowed from my Gramma Tile: handmade   
Just my most favorite little human that I made with my body. As Angie says, my most bestest creation :)