Friday, February 4, 2011

Utah Trip!

Last weekend we went up to Utah to snowboard and see some really great people. We had a fabulous time! I only utterly embarrassed myself two times on the trip (once Friday, once Saturday), which was a plus. Here's a little synopsis of what we did:

Thursday: We arrived in Salt Lake without too many hitches. Our connecting flight got a little delayed because they had to just really quickly spend 20 minutes to remove some excess cargo. Luckily, we made it. The guy across the aisle....not so lucky. Okay, bad joke, I know.

As a side note, when we moved from Utah to Texas, we brought our snowboards. When we got to Texas, we woke up from the stupor of packing and asked ourselves, "So, why did we bring these massive things to a place with no snow?" So, after looking for overpriced travel bags, we ended up securely taping our boards inside a huge white comforter a la white trash. We decided those babies were staying in Utah.

It of course got thoroughly searched (the check in lady did ask if it was a dead body which made me reminisce about the time I brought my fake bones through security...). We asked her, "So what if it is??" kidding. As I'm walking up at the baggage claim, I hear some guys joking about how "someone forgot his snowboard bag." Yes, guys, stupid traveler coming through, make way!! I had to correct them (we're leaving them here, etc), but I still looked like an idiot hauling off my bag of security tape. Jeff and Mitchell picked us up and we went to my Gramma & Papa's house and visited with them until late.

Gorgeous view!
Friday: We had a great day snowboarding with Jeff and Spencer at Brighton. So, here was my first embarrassing moment. I prepped for the day by wearing underarmour and some fancy fleece of Jeff's. I switched up my normal order of clothes because underarmour needs to be straight on your skin to be "effective" bla bla bla. So, I wore my bra on top of my underarmour, then the fleece, then everything else.

During the day, we went into the lodge for a really expensive snack. Warm, I decided to remove a few layers while standing in the middle of the lodge.  Jacket, fleece, ka bam, and I was nice and cooled off. Do you see where this is going?

In my general cool and smooth demeanor, I walk into the bathroom and realize that, oh crap, I have been walking around the lodge wearing my skin colored bra over my underarmour. Classy! I decided that since I would never see those men in the lodge again, I would pretend that I had not just channeled my inner Doug.

After snowboarding, we had a great time eating sushi with Mindy, Steve, Stuart, Jeff, Mitchell, Russell, Spencer, and a new friend whose name I can't remember. After, we celebrated Chinese New Year with some people from Cory's old ward. It was just like Tangled.Very fun, minus the "us not being Chinese" part. Which, of course, was no big deal. We were supposed to write our wishes for the year on the lantern. Those are top secret of course :) We had bidded on Priceline for a hotel, so we stayed in Provo.

I'll post about Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in another post. I don't want it to be too long!


  1. It was great to see you both! They moved the date of my internship start date up a week so I'll be starting in San Antonio May 31st. I'll let you guys know what my plans are before that so I can hopefully stop by before I go to San Antonio.

  2. Your story made me laugh so hard! I could totally picture it too. It made me think of our Utah skiing trip, I miss those days. That's fun y'all were able to take a vacation.