Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Favorite

So, one of our all time favorite families is the Dyes. We got to see them at the tail end of our trip up to Utah for Jeff & Karen's wedding. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Travus, Kathy, and their nearly perfect children (Travus may disagree...).

We got to play Settlers, eat at Cafe Rio, drive out to the airport, drive out to the airport again (!), walk around our old neighborhood, and have a great time.

Yes, we drove out to the airport twice. And, from Saratoga Springs, that is no small commute...So, here's a fun little story. On the flight up to Utah, we were on a Southwest flight that went from Dallas to Amarillo to Denver to Salt Lake (all on one plane). Well, on the first leg of the flight, Cory and I were the last two people on the plane and there were only two seats left. You guessed it. Middle seats. About seven rows apart. And Cory's seat was between two...okay, I'll just say it. In the words of The Ladies Man (and our friend Jeff), "Now, that is big. Um, I was not expecting you to say anything over 200 pounds. Uh, I was basically expecting, like, 130, 135.. yeah, you are a big woman. Um, my advice to you is to, uh, avoid any type of food product that your neighborhood supermarket might try to sell you. But here's to you, Fat Lady." Well, one of them was a man. And very nice, according to Cory.

Anyways, Cory shoulders couldn't touch the back of his seat because of the situation. Now, he's an easygoing guy, so no complaining. But, the flight attendant noticed his predicament and gave him a $100 flight voucher! I tell you that karma bank is legit...

Now, on our return flight. We were flying US Airways and we...missed our flight. I know right!! About that karma bank... We usually fly Southwest, where seats are not assigned so checking in guarantees the order you board. So, we always check in the day before. But, with US Airways, the seats were assigned so we just spaced about that whole checking in online thing. So, we got to the airport and we missed the check in portal by approximately one minute. We were carrying on, so we didn't need to check our bags. But, the very unhelpful front desk person said no can do, loser. So, we missed our flight and had a really fun time getting home.

But, we made it and life has been crazy busy! Cory started up football and today was his first day of school. God is good and we are happy. The End.


  1. We loved having you the extra day....and thank you for teaching my children that prayer works. :)

  2. hahaha. it was that chant, "miss your flight! miss your flight!" I still love Brynna's face when we got back.."it actually worked!"

  3. So fun to read about your trip to Utah, it looks like it was so much fun and Jeff and Karen look so happy. You are so good about blogging and keeping up with everything, I love your picture collages.