About Us

Cory and I met as youth counselors at a church camp (Especially for Youth) On the first day, the counselors perform a short dance to get the kids excited. So, Cory and I both went to the dance practice sans partner and got paired up. Cory was really bad at the dance. We didn't talk much the rest of the week until the talent show, when we sat next to each other and became friends over Harry Potter. Let's just throw it out there that I love Harry Potter. I found out that Cory was reading it and that he was maybe as obsessed as myself (i.e. dressing up as Ron at his Harry Potter Halloween party, wanting to open a Harry Potter Hotel, the fact that he wanted to name his college house "The House That Must Not Be Named," etc.). We chatted and laughed the rest of the talent show. That weekend, I went up with some friends to an after EFY party that Cory threw in Arlington.

Cory and I would talk on the phone here and there in the summer but he sometimes thought I was blowing him off. He later realized that, no, I really was watching the Olympics and hanging out with my family all the time. Once we were both back at BYU, we went out to dinner one night. We decided to make it a weekly routine, and started going out to all sorts of restaurants; trading off on paying. After a while, we started going out on the weekends as well.

But he assured his mom, and I assured mine, that we were JUST FRIENDS! The "problem" was that we were becoming best friends. My sister kept on saying, "You're going to start dating Cory!" She said if I kept hanging out with him we would start dating. This conversation was repeated often. I guess my dad is right, you date who you hang out with and you marry who you date! Good thing I like who I hang out with...So, after we accidentally kissed, twice, we decided that maybe we should just date.

Cory and I are best friends and he can make me laugh better than anyone. We got married June 20, 2009 in San Antonio. We lived for a year in Saratoga Springs, Utah, while Cory finished school and I taught 4th grade. Now, we're living in Fort Worth, Texas, where Cory is a tennis coach and a math teacher. We just had our first child, Sheppard Jeffrey Carroll, on August 30, 2012. Delaney is staying home with Sheppard for a year and then planning on returning to school to study dental hygiene.