Friday, February 18, 2011

Utah Trip Part II

Saturday: Today, We went snowboarding at Sundance with Jeff, Spencer, and our great friends the Dyes. The snow was lousy, the weather was great, and we had a great time. At Brighton, we saw an idiot lovely girl skiing down the mountain in a very skimpy bikini. It looked so fun I nearly ripped off my three layers to join her. No repeats of that at Sundance, although I did put on a good show.

So, we hadn't seen the Dyes for seven months and we were meeting them at the top of the mountain. Well, Travus really likes to tease us. So, as we're nearing the top, I tell Cory, "Okay, you can't fall. Travus will make fun of us!" So, we get all prepped and ready.

Well, as I'm getting off the lift, I realize that my pocket zipper seems to be stuck. I could not get off! Cory cruises off, smooth sailing. Finally, I was able to bail and fall to my side on the ground three or four feet up. It was really awesome. The lift lady was like, "Are you okay???"

So, later in the day, our friend Jeff was with a random guy on the lift and was telling him that he had some friends visiting from Texas. He felt it important to mention that we fall off the lift a lot (Cory is still learning and trips sometimes, and to save face he likes to pull me down with him. naturally. plus, you just heard about my grand entrance). The guy is like, "Dude, I saw some girl in a white jacket EAT IT on the lift earlier!" And Jeff is like, "That's them!!" What can I say, people notice us wherever we go.

After skiing, we of course headed over to Cafe Rio (which we've really missed) with Mitchell, Veronica, Nate, Russell, Jeff, and Spencer.  That night, we went hot tubbing at the Dyes and visited. It was great being back.

Sunday: On Sunday, we went to our old ward. One of our old friends asked if we had moved back. hahahaha. No. We are very settled in the South. That night, we had dinner with the Dyes, played Settlers and Blokus (Cory was victorious in both, with very little scruples. He was ruthless and I'm still a bit bitter).

Monday: We headed back early to my grandparents, stayed and visited and had lunch at Paradise, then headed to the airport in the afternoon. With the blizzard chasing us to Texas, we got delayed two hours with de-icing. As a nice treat, the airline lost our bags. Until Thursday night. And, when they dropped them off, they only dropped off Cory's. We had to call them to get mine.

When we got back Monday night, it was anticipated that school would be canceled the next day because of the ice storm. Well, it did get canceled...for the next four days. We went over to Cory's parents' house on Tuesday and didn't leave until Saturday.The next week, we misssed Wednesday. So we had 5 snow days in two weeks. We came back to school and it was mid February :) Texas freaks out when it snows.

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  1. LOVE the ski video. That's totally what you looked like! :)