Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We are bloggers!

Well, we finally made the plunge and started a family blog! I am a big blog reader but I hadn't really felt comfortable having our own family blog. But, I decided to finally make one since I like keeping up with blogs. I still need to add blogs to our blog list. Soon. If you do want yours added, let me know!

Lately, life in our house has been crazy. Cory graduated in April in  Mathematics Education. We are BOTH very glad he is finished with school. 

In May I finished my first year of teaching! Man, when they tell you the first year is hard they are telling you the truth! At one point in October, Cory had to rein me in and give me a deadline that I had to leave work by. It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it. Plus, now I get to watch Cory experience it...

So, we finally got to move back to...TEXAS! After $800 in truck rentals, hundreds of dollars in gas, and a broken bookshelf, we arrived in Austin. But, after searching and searching for jobs we weren't having any luck. So, Cory went to a coaching convention in San Antonio, and got a couple interviews in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We went up for the interviews and he got two really good job offers on the same day. It was a really good feeling to be able to pick the job that we knew was right for us. 

So, Cory accepted a position as a math teacher and coach at North Crowley High School in Fort Worth. He will teach 9th grade math, be a varsity football coach, and an assistant soccer coach. It's a really good opportunity because it's a 5A school and it will help him get some great teaching and coaching experience. So, that means that we are moving again! 

We chose a really cute 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse style apartment. Cory is staying there right now (sans furniture or good food) and I'll be moving up this weekend. Lately, Cory has been in Fort Worth at football camp and new staff training while I have been working doing my normal mulching and window washing for my dad in Austin. I would NOT recommend living in two different cities. It has been absolutely no fun. I have really missed being with my best friend. If the hours that he has been working are any indication, I will be home alone quite a lot. I think I'll be buying a sewing machine :) So, now that my work is winding down (and my poison ivy is now just scars), I'll be hauling up all of our stuff to our new place. I'm really excited to decorate the apartment and have a kitchen that is not the size of a closet. I'm still looking for a job up there (frustrating) but we really felt like that is where we needed to be. So, I'm sure it'll work out.