Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Random Checks in the Mail

So, today I got an awesome check in the mail! I am a member of a site called Ebates. You go through them to buy stuff off of sites that you're already shopping on. I get checks from them quarterly and they're usually $3-4. Which is still cool, because it's basically free money. BUT! I was buying a Groupon through them the other day and saw that my big fat check had gotten mailed and it was approximately ten times our normal check. I went through them when we booked our vacation and....drumroll!

Now, I know $44.57 won't make us rich, but I'm not complaining that I made it by buying something I was already going to buy. Excellent.

Sign up! I'd recommend it :) Go here and get your big fat check. Maybe I'll use mine to buy some jeans as mine have recently gotten a large rip in the crotch area. I know that word kind of ranks up there with scab, my bad. But, it's not as bad as pustule, siiick. Oh well, I got some good use out of those over worn jeans. And Cory keeps telling me to go shopping. If you ask him my response he might say in his Nazi impression of me, "It's not in the budget!" I swear I don't talk like a wicked witch Nazi, but it's his favorite voice of me. We're working through it.

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