Thursday, August 11, 2011

Um...So the Mavs won.

In case you have been living at the bottom of a well for a while, the Mavericks won the NBA championship. Which meant, that I had one flippin' ecstatic husband. If you didn't know that, I speak for Cory in saying, "You're dead to me."

I know it's been a while but I thought some of you might appreciate this play by play I captured for posterity's sake. I took pictures as they won and Cory's reaction is priceless.

Some of you may have noticed the long, extended bromance hug between Cory and Logan. It lasted no less than four frames. If you didn't, it probably means you know Cory.

We had a great night. I won't ever be able to replicate this moment for Cory, which means the rest of our life may be a bit of a letdown. Go Mavs!

Only the cutest little girl that we might steal.

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