Monday, August 15, 2011

Living on Hospital Food

While we were on vacation, the seventh Harry Potter premiered. Some of you know that Cory and I are embarrassingly into Harry Potter. We're mostly into the books, but let's be honest, we love all things Harry Potter. So, we were fairly devastated that we booked our own vacation on such a crucial day. Whatevs, we're over it.

So, when we got back we decided we were going to go see Harry Potter pronto. But, we moved it to Tuesday because...Haley, Cory's sister, had her second baby! We were so excited so we headed up to Frisco to check out the beautiful Camilla Lujean.

She is absolutely beautiful. We got to hold her in the hospital which is something I haven't done since my little sister was born...17 years ago. Cory had never been to the hospital to hold a new baby. It was awesome. Another thing that was awesome...the HOSPITAL FOOD. Let me tell you. If we lived closer, we would probably go on dates there. We got a good meal for $7 for the both of us. Beat that Taco Bell. I think it rivaled the hospital food in Provo, and that's saying something.

We saw Harry Potter the next day and it was about how I expected. Cory enjoyed it and I enjoyed it until the last 15 minutes when they made up a sub par ending that was nowhere near the quality of the original ending. Just repeating the mantra, "You have to view it differently than the book."

Speaking of book adaptations, this weekend, we went and saw The Help. It was so good! It was a wonderful adaptation of the book. We would definitely recommend it. 

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  1. Um....first of all, is there such a thing as being "embarrassingly into Harry Potter"? Come on, Delaney! Own it! :) Secondly, I saw The Help last Thursday and loved it, too! Excellent!