Friday, October 1, 2010

Our St. Bernard Cat

So, I recently found out the fate of our cat. So, he used to be small and little like this:

Well, apparently, I have the St. Bernard of cats. In my church, women have and are visiting teachers. This means that we visit other sisters in the ward that we are assigned to and become friends (hopefully) and talk about our beliefs. Anyways, my new visiting teacher loves cats. As soon as she walked in the door, she latched onto Scout and thought he was just wonderful. He is really a cute and playful cat; but he is a little nuts.

As she is scratching his ear, she says, "Oh, he's Maine Coon." Like an idiot, I'm like, "Are you talking about the hair that grows in between his toes?" I swear I'm not an idiot--just he has hair sticking straight out around his ears and that was where she was scratching and that's the connection my brain made. Moments later, I realize she was saying he is the breed Maine Coon. 

This is what I learned from her and from Wikipedia (Don't worry, I only updated 5 facts on there to be totally fake. I try and do my part.) 

1. Maine Coons can grow until they are 5 years old. Scout is one and is a monster with huge paws.
2. Male Maine Coons can weigh 15-25 pounds. Yes, TWENTY FIVE ell bees.
3. If you get a purebred that comes with papers to prove it, they can cost $700-1000 (Although Scout was free from a neighbor and of course we don't have breeding papers, but I'm of course planning on forging some in the near future). 
4. They are really gentle and playful cats their whole life. The males act clownish (oh really, I hadn't noticed...) while the girls are slightly more dignified (like real life).
5. They love water (which explains him sitting on the edge of the tub EVERY TIME we shower. He will scratch on the door if we lock him out. Plus, he sometimes likes to sleep in the sink.)

According to Wikipedia: "The Maine Coon is noted for its large bone structure, rectangular body shape, and long, flowing coat. The breed can be seen in a variety of colors and is known for its intelligence and gentle personality."

So, this may very well be his future.


  1. omigosh!!! please tell me that pic's not real!!!!!!!

  2. My sister has one of those and it freaks me out every time I see it. Best of luck! I can verify that pic is very real!

  3. i died laughing when i saw that pic. i really hope that happens to you.