Sunday, October 3, 2010


I came to Austin for the weekend to do some window washing. My dad manages two large office complexes and has let me learn how to do mulching, planting, and window washing to earn some really good money. I've done this particular job two times before and hated it. So, I was going to let my little sister do it to rebuild her depleted bank account (caused by the freedom that comes with a drivers license, getting a Wii, going paint balling, etc.). However, since she is taking 5 AP classes (and she even dropped one) she spends like 5 hours a night on homework...which means no time for window washing. She really is such a smarty. 

Still, Cory and I have set some lofty financial goals concerning his student loans. So, I wanted to earn this extra money.

A few things I've learned from doing manual labor:

1. It is really very scary to clean two story windows on a ladder that is too short. One year, I cleaned these on a 16 foot ladder. This year I used a 21 foot ladder. Using the 16 foot ladder meant I stood on the top rung and balanced myself on the window frame (you know those "caution" signs? I ignored them). So so scary and a very very bad idea. 

2. I've noticed that people either are really impressed that I am willing to work outside in the heat or they sometimes think I am maybe white trash or uneducated. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the joke, "Oh, I should have you come over and do my backyard/windows" or "Ya hot enough?" 

3. I apparently look like a 15 year old. Especially without makeup on. I have had a couple people ask me what grade I am in high school. I then tell them I have been graduated from college for over a year. This also happened at Cory's school. They have a very strict uniform/dress code. I did have on makeup this time, but an assistant principal still thought I was a student not properly dressed. No, I'm Coach Carroll's wife. The worst part about this is that he teaches at a 9th grade campus. I am not being confused with a senior but with a freshman. Awesome! People say I'll appreciate that when I'm older. 

4. It is not fun to work outside when you have a cold. The past few days I have had a body ache, sore throat, and runny nose. Makes me feel like a weakling when I try and move my tall ladder.

5. My dad is awesome. The first day, he rigged up a contraption. I used to hate this job because I couldn't reach the tall windows and it was terrifying. He got me this bar that safely suspends me away from the window. It's wonderful! 

6. Cory hates me being gone over weekends. He isn't good at being alone. So, he slept for 15 hours last night. Slept through two alarms. That's a hoppin' Saturday night.

I have had a great time being back in Austin! Last night, we roasted foil dinners on the fire pit. It's General Conference weekend and it's been great to listen to the talks with the family (well, minus Ang and the husbands). I went to the Relief Society broadcast (scroll to the bottom) with Cory's mom last weekend and that was really great too. I loved the stories that President Monson told. He gets such a kick out of himself and I love it! Watch General Conference online here and read about our church here.

Heading back to Fort Worth about a new job and pictures of our new bedroom stuff coming soon! :)

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  1. New job? I can't wait to hear about it! I will call you. xo