Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last night, Cory and I went to a coworker's Halloween party. It was a rowdy night (not for us) with some drunken yelling, a man dressed in nothing but vines and a speedo, scantily clad women (young and old), a Rangers win, and a large amount of beer (well coke and 7up for us). It may make me sound naive, but it was my first party with alcohol (besides some parties with my mom's side of the family with some social drinking of wine). It was pretty different than the Halloween party we went to last year (where we played Mafia and Cory dominated). Although we had a nice time with the coaches Cory works with, it made me very glad that my husband does not drink :) Although, yes, it did provide some laughs.

So, last year we made our costumes very last minute. We painted leftover wedding boxes to be dice and we were maybe still a little soggy from the paint. This year we could actually fit through doors! We ended up going as Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd. We trimmed up Cory's beard (it started out being very bushy and 14 inches long) but left it longer than Abe's so it would be obvious who he was. My hat and hair were definitely too flamboyant for Mary Todd, and Cory is maybe just a little shorter than President Lincoln :) But, we were going for dramatic effect. Plus, some of you know that Cory wants to name one of our kids Lincoln.

 The best part was that people actually automatically knew who we were! They kept calling us Abe and Mrs. Lincoln. Plus, since I had to wear a wig and color in my eyebrows, some of the coaches had a tough time recognizing me (yes, they may or may not have been a little drunk). Cory said he couldn't get over how different I looked. After leaving the party, we went to IHOP still decked out. It was a little embarrassing.
Cory in my Dad's old coattails and me in one of my old musical costumes from 10th grade

We forgot to buy candy last night in our tired stupor after the party, so we're being scrooges and pretending we're not home!


  1. y'all turned out being cute. and cory is still hairy so this will qualify as a fun costume.

  2. I almost wore my jubilee costume for Halloween. Kayla told me I would be committing Halloween fashion suicide.