Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Call me Roonil Wazlib

Some of you know how much Cory and I love Harry Potter. Part of the reason we became friends is because we discovered our common love for Harry Potter. When we were dating I gave Cory the boxed set of all seven books for Valentine's day (got them from the book order at school). He is one of the only people who not only doesn't make fun of me for rereading them annually but usually tries to do the same. I finished the sixth Harry Potter (thus the title) and I started the seventh. The big question is...does Harry die?

Also, I finally finished decorating (mostly) the guest room! I have spent the fast few days sewing up a storm and I have to say; I'm really quite proud of myself. Please admire my handiwork.

I started by making these curtains. We already had the brown ones, but I wanted to jazz this space up with some color. The sewing isn't perfect...but I put on grommets! That's legit.

Despite my mom's excellent packing of our moving van, a few things were damaged in the move. Some losses were pretty normal (i.e. el cheapo bookshelves falling to bits), but one of my pillow shams got a funky orange tattoo on it. It was packed next to one of our orange couch pillows and decided to leech some of the color. Eh, it wasn't that great looking anyway! So I made these cute tie pillows, added flowers to my remaining beige shams, and made matching pillowcases. They're so snazzy.

I also made this mod podge clock from a cheap clock at IKEA. Hot glued on some coordinating rosettes and...beautimous!

I attempted to take some pictures of the whole room with my prehistoric camera. I usually try and use Cory's camera (which is a little better than mine) but I couldn't find the charger. When your camera still takes batteries, you probably need to upgrade.

There are a couple wall spots that I would like to find something for, we need a dust ruffle that's actually made for a double bed (this one fits a queen), and we need a less green trash can. But, I love the old typewriter I snagged at an antique mall.  Oh, and don't forget my beautiful sewing machine. When I told my mom that I made some projects for my guest room she was thoroughly shocked that I could sew. Mom, I remember making camp shorts and all of those trace the pattern things with you! Plus, let's not forget the teddy bear and coordinating camping tent Christine and I made in our sewing class.

In other news, the master bedroom is the next project because it is seriously a pitiful place. Cory and I are also very excited because we finally found a good sushi place. We love sushi. When we lived in Utah we would go to this gem in Provo with our friend Jeff pretty often that was all you can eat and delicious. Well, there was another one that we decided to boycott after they sat us at our booth and then came up 10 minutes later and said, "You know, you should probably leave, we decided we're not going to serve you." They had decided to close even though we saw people eating at the next table over. Since arriving in Texas we have gone to a place in Austin and a place in Fort Worth. Neither were very impressive and were more trendy than tasty. But, we went to a knockout place that delivered some of the most beautiful and delicious sushi we've had in ages. We were impressed so much that we gave them a 30% tip.

Cory and I also got callings in our new ward. Cory is an Elder's quorum teacher. That means that he teaches about a lesson a month to the men's Sunday school class. I got called to be the Laurel's advisor in the Young Women. So, I get to teach the 16-18 year old girls every Sunday. It's one of my dream callings because I really looked up to my Laurel advisors.

Things have been busy with Cory working as much as ever (those kids wear him out!). I've also gotten to jet back and forth between Fort Worth and Austin a few times. I keep reminding Cory that he knew these ATX jaunts would happen when he stole me away from there :) I do quite like Fort Worth (mostly because I am within 5 minutes of almost any store that I need which is pretty much opposite of Saratoga Springs). Still, I love me some Austin! Last time, I got to see Angie and our whole family was together (minus the sons in law).

Our living room is almost complete; it just needs new curtains and some more pictures. Our complex replaced our fridge/freezer because apparently they agreed that it isn't normal for your popsicles to be juice and your frozen chicken to be very much thawed. It cost some money with the lost food (the most depressing of which was our cookies 'n' cream Blue Bell--that stuff is expensive!). The replacement is only marginally better, but we'll take it. I am still couponing and loving it. Last week I made $1.50 buying cleaning supplies. It's really fun. But, still nerdy.


  1. im jealous. go you. you are getting so domesticated....:)

  2. are INCREDIBLE! what a wife! you've given me lots of ideas for our new home...thanks! Hope all is well. I'm so excited that you have a blog, i hope you don't mind me peeking in on you every once in awhile!

  3. Delaney everything looks so great!! I am so impressed. Now I need to plan a day to come over and have you help me make some stuff for my house, it needs serious work and I have no talent/eye for this kind of thing.