Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

So, I spent the last 6 days in Austin doing a window washing project. Cory got very very lonely. In his words, "I've never missed you that much." Not even when we were apart for 5 weeks when we were engaged? Let's just say that Cory is a really social and touchy-feely person and without me or his best friend Jeff, he is a lonely man.

Anyways, so he was really insistent that I be home on Tuesday evening by 6 pm. He wouldn't say why and tried to pretend it was 'just to see me.' It was obvious he was lying. I really needed to finish my job, so I extended it to 6:30. I made the drive up wondering what he had in store. I was running about 15 minutes late but I called him when I was about 10 minutes away and he was still at work! I told him that I would be a little fried if he made me rush to Fort Worth and he was at work when I got home!

When I got home, I didn't see his car but I thought that it could be in the garage. When I walked into the house it smelled horrible! I guess Cory totally roasted a frozen pizza (like 4 days ago) and it smells like something burned down. But, there were five envelopes in the entry way because Cory spent days planning a scavenger hunt for me. It was really cute.

So, here is a recap of my fun night!

Letter One told me how much he missed me and loved me and that I had a night of surprises. He said I needed to go to Hulen Mall. I wasn't allowed to open Letter Two until I was in the parking lot.

Needless to say, I was anxious to get to Hulen Mall! Letter Two said that he wasn't at Hulen Mall but that I needed to relax and enjoy myself. He talked about when we were dating and we would go to Yozone in Provo. I loved Yozone! He had found a place inside the mall that was self serve yogurt. He left $10 and told me to get some yogurt. Of course he said some other stuff too. But, I wasn't allowed to open Letter Three until I was sitting down eating my yogurt!

This isn't my yogurt, but it's something I would get! I love mochi!
Letter Three started with a Cory quote, "I have a good saying that if you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you play good. So, I think you need to take more time to pamper yourself. This is something you would never spend the money on yourself, So I spent it for you. Take some time for just Delaney." So, he had gotten me a gift certificate for a spa pedicure at a nail salon at the mall. I was supposed to text him with my progress during the pedicure (and read Letter Four). But, I found out during the pedicure that my phone was in the car. It was such a fancy little place with private rooms and dimming lights.

I'm not going to say where Letter Four took me or what it said, but I will say that Cory wanted me to use a $10 off coupon that he got by taking a phone survey that asked him, "Did they ask you if you wanted to try on a bra? Why did they not ask you to try on a bra? Did you like the fitting rooms?" He said there was no option to say, "I am a male."

So, after my pedicure I ran out to my car to get my phone. Just as I was opening the door my phone was ringing and it was Cory. I told him that I had left my phone in the car and that I had just finished the pedicure. I turn around and there he is. I guess he had been calling and couldn't wait so he came to the mall early. I guess he got confused when I left the mall (that wasn't in his plan) and he had to hide as I passed him. He waited for me while I shopped and then Letter Five took us to Chili's where we had dinner (we had to have a budget dinner after such an expensive night!).

It was a fun night and Cory did a good job spoiling me. It was really sweet. I love this guy!
Cory and me in Cancun in June 2009


  1. Um that's the cutest thing I've ever heard. What a sweet and thoughtful husband!

  2. I had no idea Cory could be so thoughtful, that is very sweet!