Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Job :)

Well, last week I interviewed for a position at a medical billing company in the area. One of our friends, Jody, is the Director of Operations. Well, I got offered the position of account representative and I start next week! There is a lot of room for growth in their company.

So, I'm slightly nervous because I've never done medical billing before. But, I'm excited for a change and the chance to get rid of Cory's student loans and save up for a house a lot faster. Plus, I've thought about it quite a bit and it feels right for right now.

Jody talked to me about working for her company back in the fall. However, I was hesitant to make the change. First off, I had been hoping to teach. I was fantasizing that I'd maybe possibly get a mid year position. Which didn't happen. Second, I applied for lots of paraprofessional positions in the district and interviewed for some. Didn't pan out. Third, when Cory has the summers off, I would be working full time. Before, I did contract landscape work for my dad.

I was also trying out substituting. Well, it didn't take long for me to decide that it is no fun to sub after you know what it's like to have your own class. It's kind of like eating generic ice cream after eating Blue Bell. Doesn't satisfy.

However, the problems in the economy that most people felt a couple years ago are now hitting the insulated state governments. So, although there have been teacher layoffs the past couple years, it is going to be really bad this year. Cory's superintendent held a meeting with the entire district on Monday (which rarely happens) and held a "State of the District Address." Basically, he said that they will have a cutback of over 12% next year. That is about $13.8 million.

Last year, to save $5.4 million, they cut 145 positions, eliminating the jobs of 105 people. They were able to hire back about half of those in some capacity.

They are looking at several solutions, but some of those will probably be layoffs, moving teachers around, not replacing teachers who retire, etc.

So, I've thought a lot about it and decided it would probably be a good idea for me to have alternatives because there might not be any open positions next year! As such, I'm making a bit of a career switch :) Now, here's to hoping that Cory has a job next year! We've been feeling very blessed that he was able to snag such a great position. He'll hopefully find out in the next month or so if his contract will be extended!

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  1. I find it absolutely ignorant of ALL positions in the world for people to get laid off from teaching positions. Teachers are what we NEED. We need GOOD teachers, willing to do their job right and love it at the same time. I am appalled that you have spent so much time, energy, and hard work going to school to get a degree in such an outstanding job field to have not been able to find a job. You deserve to do what you love, but definitely taking any job right now is probably the smart thing to do.

    Man the world is getting scary. Eventually I will not be as needed at home with my kids and I have no skills, no schooling, no makes me very nervous about my future honestly.