Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Idol Within

So, Cory and I don't have cable. But, I do know what American Idol is. I also have come to the realization that I am not a good singer and will never be on American Idol. This took several years of choir and being alive. In high school, I quit track when my parents told me, "Ya know, you're really not that good at track (I fell a lot). Maybe you should invest more time in something you're good at, like school." It went sort of like that except no one really had to tell me I was lousy.

However, there are a few songs that truly make me feel like I could be on American Idol. You know the jam them in your car and you unabashedly belt out the lyrics. Often, you get really proud when you finally realize they aren't saying "why did Santa leave the light oOoOoOn" but actually "why did Samson love Delilah?" (true story. song: Someday We'll Know). Then, when the music gets turned down, you realize it actually isn't you that sounds good. It's all the singer, and you in fact are terrible. But, just keep singing, my friend. I just usually make sure I'm alone. But, you know, your prerogative.

These are just a few recent favorites:

Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo. Yes, I realize I'm married. But I really like this song. Let it just be known that this song would probably get me on American Idol.

Locked up by Ingrid Michaelson. If my voice matched the one in my brain, one version of it would sound like Ingrid Michaelson. I sing this song while I'm doing my laundry sometimes. With pride. As I would belt it on American Idol. And win in the alternate reality where I can sing (refer to first paragraph if you're still confused about my ability).

World on Fire by Sarah McLachlan. I remember listening to this CD when I was ten years old and we were driving up to Utah for Christmas. I remember seeing her perform live on TV once and she had one of those earpieces that real singers have in their ears. It looked like a hearing aid and I thought she was deaf. I was like that's amazing that she sounds so good when she's deaf!!

Right, Laney. Sarah McLachlan is 'deaf' and you should probably just keep singing in your car.


  1. okay the "santa left the light on" line made me laugh out loud and ryan came in and had to know what i was laughing so hard about. i have some friends that have the same problem- one that sings "so bring me some frigging pudding" (figgy pudding) or "i am the tiger" (eye of the tiger). hahaha awesome.

  2. I am a little surprised Tracy Bonham, Mother Mother is not on here. I have the videos to prove you would win American Idol...think about it.