Sunday, September 5, 2010

We've Still Got It & a Couch

In case you were wondering, Cory and I lead a very romantic and exciting life. We went on a date last night couch shopping. And we still had a great time. I went and "scouted" out the Labor Day sales and brought Cory in on Saturday evening to show him my short list. According to Cory, being excited about my successes in couch scouting is nerdy. He tested each one for comfort and on whether the fabric was "Scout-proof" (our cat isn't de-clawed).

Don't get excited, our budget hasn't quite graduated to fine Italian leather with double hand stitching. Although , they did have a nice leather sectional we thought about getting.
Still, we ended up going with the microfiber because it was comfortable, soft, and better with the cat.
We went to a little Indian place after and then got "When in Rome" from RedBox (haven't reactivated the Netflix). We both thought it was silly but funny enough. Since our couch won't arrive for two weeks, we pulled down the foam mattress topper from our bed and watched it from the living room floor. Yes, we camped out in the living room and slept there too. It was a fun sleepover party. We had a lot of fun just hanging out; which is something we haven't gotten to do much of lately.

Cory is off at football practice (had to be there at 1:00 today. He'll probably get back at 5 or 6?) and I get to grade papers for the busy guy. Don't feel too bad, I'll probably read Harry Potter and work on my coupons too. I've decided if I save more money on food, I get to save more money in the bank. But, we'll see how it goes.

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  1. My family owns this couch and it is my favorite thing about going home. Good choice!