Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lighting Things on Fire

Cory and I recently acquired a gas barbecue from his sister. Our plan is to soak up a wonderful summer with lots of swimming at the pool, exploring Fort Worth, boating, visiting Austin, and grilling (among other things). I love the summer. It may make me sound extremely superficial, but I truly feel happier when I am tan. It feels like summer and, let's be honest, tan fat is way more attractive than white fat.

Anyways, back to grilling. Grilling allows Cory to expand his grilled ham and cheese/egg on toast repertoire. Which the man can make a mean grilled cheese. Today, we had the missionaries over for dinner. Being the domestic goddess that I am, I made Southwest Taco Chicken Chimichangas (with homemade tortillas yeah baby) and had Cory grill the Taco Chicken on the barbecue. Then, I thought, let's grill our corn on the barbecue.

Well, I wasn't exactly on my A-game today and we were running only like 30 minutes late for dinner by the time we ate. No big deal! So, it says to soak the corn for 20 minutes. Two minutes will do right?

Well, they did pretty good with lots of rotating and eventually we pulled the husks back and wrapped the corn in foil. Right before we were going to eat, Cory pulled them out of the barbecue and put them on a plate. Next thing I know, he's walking in saying, "So, umm..."

I go out and the corn husks are totally on fire! Like not just a tender flame. I'm talking a husky blaze of glory. Which, of course, I planned to put on a show for the missionaries. I always try and light things I cook on fire. I'm like, "Cory, aren't you going to throw water on it or something!"

We got it under absolute control with no damage to our grill or to our delicious corn. Apparently they weren't on fire when he pulled them out but there must have been a little spark in one of them (kind of like when a smoker lights a forest on fire with his little spark from being a litter bug).

It's a good thing we still have a few more months in the summer to perfect our corn grilling.

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