Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't You Dryclean Your Pajamas?

So, yesterday I went to go get the drycleaning that Cory had dropped off last week. Yes, we are frugal, but I splurge on dry cleaning. My time is worth more than spending hours and hours ironing all of Cory's button ups for work. I live in America rather than India for a reason. Plus, it costs $0.89 to get a shirt laundered and he can wear it 2-3 times because it's starched.

Anyways, as I'm going through the clothes before I leave the cleaners I see that Cory has drycleaned a pair of basketball shorts! I was like, "Cory, did you seriously dry clean your basketball shorts?! Seriously??" Those of you who know Cory well know that he LOVES basketball shorts. He has tons of different kinds and he used to always wear basketball shorts under his jeans. In his words, "You never know when there'll be a pickup game and you need to join the game." He gets home from work and dress pants off, basketball shorts on. Some of the basketball shorts he has are quite nice. However, these...not so much. Let's just say that someone wore them painting last summer and accidentally got paint all over them. Not naming names, but it rhymes with Melamey.

Now, Cory insists that it was an accident. "I just took the laundry basket and gave them everything in it." Riiiight. Last night, he was gushing about how soft the dry cleaned shorts felt. Not that I don't love paying $2 every time I want to wash a pair of pajamas, but, dry cleaning basketball shorts is where I draw the line.


  1. i can't even tell you how ryan this is. first of all- he has more pairs of basketball shorts than i have..of anything. second- he used to wear basketball shorts under everything he wore too! he even had a white pair for the temple hahaha. and i'd always say you never know when a pick up game will break out. and this also is totally something he would do- if money wasn't an object (or if what i consider worth spending money on) ryan would dry clean our towels, i'm sure. :)

  2. Ha! I sure got a laugh out of this one. If we were next door neighbors I would beg you to bring his shirts to me to iron. I LOVE ironing tra's shirts! Ha!

  3. this post was hilarious. and on a side note, my boss/owner of the nursing home, there is a rumor that he dry cleans/starches his pajamas. honestly, i dont doubt it.

  4. That is so funny, Cory, Cory, you totally got caught! I bet its not the first time. :)

  5. I thought I married the only man out there that did this, not the dry cleaning the shorts thing, but wearing the basketball shorts at.all.times.

    Shane seriously says the exact same thing; ya just never know when there will be a pick up game and you will need your shorts. Ive been married to him almost 9 years and never once has he ever been able to back this argument up. Besides, he doesn't wear his basketball shoes under his regular ones so what about that? LOL