Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the Zone

A month ago, I rehauled my cleaning routine and switched to a daily chores and zone cleaning method. Before, I felt like certain rooms were not being cleaned regularly and my house looked clean but was not thoroughly clean. Also, I think in my brain bathrooms, towels, and sheets were being cleaned on a weekly regular basis, and in reality they were being cleaned whenever I "got to it."

So, I decided I wanted to switch over to a zone cleaning method. Crystal at MoneySavingMom also had a customizable Cleaning List printable that I used to set up daily chores. These daily chores help me keep the basics of my house clean (bathroom, towels, sheets, etc.).  They are probably my favorite part of my new cleaning routine.

Then, on top of that I used some zone cleaning ideas that Heather from Want What You Have uses. Of course, I tweaked them for my home. Basically, I get down and dirty with cleaning in each zone. Down to the baseboards and to the top of the ceiling fan.

I split my house into five zones. So, every 5 weeks, my whole house gets a deep clean. I just finished my 4th week and it is great! Yes, during Zone 3 I did skip the laundry room deep clean...but I'll squeeze it in another week.

I know it's a little intense. But, I really like the routine it gives me. I thrive off of routine. Still, I don't get to everything every week.

Here are my zones:

Zone One: Kitchen & Dining Room
Zone Two: Living Room & Back Entry
Zone Three: Front Entrance, Hall Bathroom, Stairs, & Laundry Room
Zone Four: Guest Bedroom/Office & Guest Bathroom
Zone Five: Master Bedroom & Bathroom

I only used the first page of Crystal's daily cleaning list:

Daily Cleaning List

This week, I actually did all of this week's zone cleaning on Saturday. That seemed to work out. However, if I have time during the week, I'll do a little here and there.

My first week of work went well. I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm hoping that I'll be successful once training is over!

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