Friday, March 11, 2011

He Survived!

We are so excited! Cory made it through the layoffs at his school this week. They were firing 12-15 secondary teachers and at least two were laid off at his campus this week. We've heard that even more were laid off at the highschool that is right next to the 9th grade campus. He was really nervous because you know, last in, first out.

I've been praying that he'd make it through (of course, always adding that slightly frustrating,"if it's thy will" business). Still, I've been thinking about the fact that if Cory didn't get laid off, it didn't change the fact that someone would get laid off. I really hope that the people who did get laid off have good savings and are able to find work.

On Wednesday afternoon, he went to a new hire meeting with some other first year teachers. He said the gist of the meeting was this message: I know that most of you are probably getting laid off, but, just so you know, we love you.

Then, the football staff had a meeting with the head football coach. He said, "I have no idea what is going to happen, and I have no control over who gets fired. But, I do know it is based off of seniority." Cory left this feeling like, You may very well get axed.

Right after he got back to his room, he got a phone call from his principal asking him to come meet with her. At this point, he decided that he was getting fired. He made the long walk down to her office preparing for the worst. She actually just wanted to tell him that she signed him up for a couple training days. He felt like that was a good sign. I mean, why would she waste training on someone who wouldn't be here next here? Maybe I am safe.

Then, he had an individual meeting with the athletic director. He said, "You know the situation. I've heard great things about you, but as you know, you were the last coach hired. I have not been told who they are laying off, which ticks me off. I wish I could at least choose who I got to keep, but they aren't telling me or the principals. But, I want you to trust me if you get laid off. Just wait, and I'll try and find you a position somewhere." Which was helpful. But, at that point he realized that his principal had no idea if he was getting fired. His hope from the training melted away.

Then, coaches kept calling him, asking him if he got the dreaded phone call. That wasn't helpful :)

He had heard that one of the biology teachers/football coaches got fired. So, he figured that they'd probably similarly shave down the math department. Then, they fired one of his fellow math teachers. He still didn't feel safe, because they've been offering "relocation" to some senior teachers. He figured they could lay him off, and move an older teacher in to fill his spot.

But, while they laid off a math teacher and two coaches that he works with, he made it through. Of course, it's because he's totally awesome. And lucky.

So, a few things made today a GREAT day:

1. Cory has a job next year.
2. I'm loving my new job and learning a lot.
3. We went out for sushi to celebrate. And, it was delicious.
4. I was able to get a half day off on Tuesday when my family is coming up to visit next week.
5. Kroger let me use my expired $3 off your next shopping visit coupon.
6. Blue Bell was on sale and I bought five half-gallons. I mean, why else do we have a deep freeze??

Happy Weekend!


  1. What fabulous news!!!! Y'all deserve the best -- and that's what you got!

  2. We were so happy when we heard. I felt like I was losing sleep over it all. Of course Cory has put 110% into his job this year and totally deserves it.

    It sounds like a good day for you, all of those things are fabulous.