Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hand Models

Can I just say that this video is slightly creepy? But, she does have good looking hands. She has an impressive portfolio. That link only shows a handful of stuff she has done. Still, she's a bit of a nutter.


  1. career of my dreams that i'll never have... whomp, whomp! my nails fold in funky ways as they grow, i have at least 4 hangnails as i type this, plus plenty of excess skin on my knuckles, crooked fingers, a couple sores on the back of my hands from cleaning and decorating for christmas the other day, and (the kicker) a big cut on my left pointer finger from cooking the other night and mistaking my finger for a carrot... at least i can open my own doors, though, and don't have to wave my hands around like a fairy godmother all the live long day.

  2. Oh man, Mike and I really enjoyed this video.
    What a lady, so very odd!